Show CRM Fields into an Outlook Appointment, Emails or Task

Now with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version 2015 UR 0.1 it is not only possible to show all CRM fields in an Outlook appointment, task or email rather it is now possible to show HTML web resources.

This gives us new opportunities to map business processes. For example, users can now enrich the Outlook appointment directly with additional data and this without jumping into the CRM. 

Just an example, which shows an editable grid into an appointment form. Now the user has the possibility for an easily editing, creating or deleting of data.




And how it works:


  1. Open your Outlook and navigate to your appointment:


  1. Double click the selected appointment and you will see the ‘CRM Fields’ button. Just click it.


  1. If this message appears, you have to track the appointment into CRM.


  1. You will see for CRM or tracked appointments the whole CRM


This is one of the best new features in CRM for me.


One Response to Show CRM Fields into an Outlook Appointment, Emails or Task

  1. Stéphane HARCHIES 11. September 2015 at 09:06 #


    I’m struggling on what’s possible or not with CRM attributes displayed in the tab “CRM Fields” of an Outlook appointment. Some jscript code work fine, other do nothing without any error (for instance, a “” instruction doesn’t save anything).

    In this post, you wrote that CRM fields are “editable”. At this stage of my investigations, CRM attributes are displayed and ‘seems’ editable but are never saved (neither in Outlook nor in CRM).

    Do you have any other experience ?

    I’m working with CRM 2015 on premise (, the latest Outlook plugin and Outlook 2013.

    Thanks for your help

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