Plugin failure due to sandbox registration

Hello everybody.

Got a strange issue today. My colleague passed me a plugin, which is registered as a sandbox plugin by the delivered solution. This plugin worked on many systems, but not on mine. It died with the Message “The plug-in execution failed because the Sandbox Client encountered an error during initialization.”. My colleague told me not to register the plugin in sandbox mode. I did so and it worked – thanks to detective diana. But why?

Here I found the sentence “Sandbox plugins only work on an online tenant or when IFD has been configured.”. This was indeed the diffrence between my system and the others (where the plugin worked) – ifd was configured there.

I tried to find this in the official documentation for Dynamics CRM but was not successful.

Lesson learned: Only check “sandbox mode” on assembly registration, when the system is ifd enabled (or online, of course).

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