ORBIS Connection Visualizer

Hello guys,

I am back in business after a short holiday break. Today I want to introduce another solution of ORBIS, the ORBIS Connection Visualizer. This module allows the users to see the connections between entities in a graphically way.

Why it’s needed:

The weakness of the standard connection of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is that the user can only evaluate his network in a very clumsy way. It is not possible for him to move within the network and he cannot branch to any other nodes. It’s simply an associated view within a various entity.

How we solved it:

Our solution compensates these weaknesses and provides the user a graphical interface for his connection network. Please have a look at the simply easy and clear user interface.

It’s possible for the user to move within the network, he can move the whole network with the mouse and he can also create new connections within the network or extend the network to new external relation node.

You will find in the upper left corner of the UI an application bar with the possibility to refresh the screen, to switch from top-down to left-right mode and to change the depth of the network.

The network depth is preset to 3 and can be set to max. 6.

At each node, which is represented as a square, it is possible to display an action bar (mouse over).

 The following actions are possible:

              • Connect to (create a new connection to a node within the network)
              • New connection form here (create a new connection to an entity outside the network)
              • Open (open the entity)
              • Set to root (set the entity as new root and refreshes the screen)


And last but not least, it is also possible to filter the content of the network by setting several filters. The filters are connected to each other by a logical AND.

Installation and Customization:

The solution will be provided as a managed solution and can easily installed in any CRM on-premise and online. After the installation is completed, the solution can be customized. The configuration possibilities are:

  • limit the entities
  • define the connection types
  • show the relations in various colors and intensity to vary
  • the content of the nodes

Please mail me, if you need further information.

Bye Markus




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