No Property edit and suggestion feature link are shown



I was faced with the following challenge:


New product feature do not appear on new forms even if default view is used. No Property edit and suggestion feature link are shown.

The following procedure gives you the fix:


The default opportunity (quote, order, invoice) has two additional sections under the opportunity products subgrid.


They are called suggestiongrid and DynamicProperties.




I added 2 new sections with same name on the existing form, but no effect. Clicking on the fields, no information…

When you look at the customization.xml those 2 sections have additional controls defined.




I added them (with exactly the two classid’s and LinkControlDefinitionId) to my new sections on the existing forms and the new features are available without recomposing the existing forms. The Id’s worked in my environment but I have not tested whether they are the same on DEV, TEST,  PROD. So please take care and test.




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