How to export more than 10.000 records without manipulating organization database properties

MS CRM data export

Excel exports are a great way in CRM 2011 to export desired data, manipulate them in Excel and import again or only using them for other purposes.

Unfortunately CRM restricts the amount of exported records to 10.000. Propably you already know that there is a way to manipulate the organization database entry to increase the amount of exported records.

I want to show you another way to export your desired data without changing database entries.

1. Open “Advanced Find” and enter search criteria you need to find the expected records.


2. Hit the “Results” button and check the result.

3. Hit the “Export Accounts” button in the ribbon bar


4. Select the option “Dynamic worksheet” and hit Export.


5. Save the file and open it within Excel. While opening a data connection is established to your CRM system and Excel loads the data based on your search criteria defined in the Advanced Find.   Probably you have to enable the content to allow data connections.


6. In the Ribbon Bar select “Data” tab and click “Connections”.


7. Open the properties of the contained connection.

8. Select the “Definition” tab and you find the SQL statement which is used to collect the data from CRM.


9. You only need to remove “top 10000″ and after hitting “OK” the data are refreshed automatically.

You can also adjust the search criteria directly in here to change your search result. Please be careful with collecting to much data from CRM as this could cause SQL timeouts.

If you want to use this result as a static worksheet you only need to remove the connection described in step 7.

Thanks to Lars for these article.



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