How to enable a Business Process Flow in D365 v9.0 for UUI

With D365 v9.0 the data structure for business process flows (BPF) has changed. For each BPF exists an own entity.
Together with the Unified User Interface (UUI) and the corresponding app designer the steps for enabling a PBF have changed a bit.

For this example we just copy the standard BPF “Opportunity Sales process”.
1. Create a new solution

2. Open the standard BPF “Opportunity Sales process”, save it as “My custom Opportunity Sales process” and activate the process.

3. Add the new process to the solution. A dialog is opened and asks for adding required component. The dependent component is the entity created when the new BPF was saved.
2018-01-12 08_45_46-Solution_ My Customizing - Microsoft Dynamics 365

4. Open the new entity in the solution components tree and scroll down to the “Outlook & Mobile” settings.
2018-01-12 08_52_47-Solution_ My Customizing - Microsoft Dynamics 365

2018-01-12 08_53_52-Solution_ My Customizing - Microsoft Dynamics 365
“Enable for Mobile” is avtivated by default for a BPF entity. You can deactivate it but after saving it is activated again.

5. Add an app to the solution and open the app designer. I used the standard “Sales Hub” app in my example.
2018-01-12 09_19_39-Solution_ My Customizing - Microsoft Dynamics 365

6. We need to enable the BPF as well as the BPF entity for the app.
2018-01-12 09_22_23-App Designer

2018-01-12 09_25_07-App Designer

2018-01-12 09_25_24-App Designer

7. Save, Validate and Publish the app

8. Open the app and open an opprtunity. Now you are able to select the new BPF.
2018-01-12 09_28_32-Opportunity_ Opportunity_ Opportunity - Microsoft Dynamics 365

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