Dynamics CRM 2013 custom navigation – ORBIS Smart Navigation

Today I will show you an ORBIS extension named: ‘ORBIS Smart Navigation’

As we all know, the page navigation in our CRM is not, let me say, really ideal.

This is discussed in in many blogs and some ISVs have built their own solution.

We do it this way.



After installing and publishing the managed solution the cache will be generated automatically via Plug-In.

In consideration of the security roles a web resource is generated for each user.


Now we come to the features:

Global Navigation:

  • You will find a new ribbon icon, named ‘MENU’ in the navigation bar and have the possibility to navigate easily to any entity list into the CRM application.
  • At the end of the menu you can directly open the ‘Advanced Find’



Form Navigation:

  • You will find the ‘MENU’ icon in the action bar after opening a form too.
  • You have the possibility to navigate to all sections and associated entities.
  • Over the ‘Site Map’ menu entry you can navigate to all CRM entity lists.
  • And last but not least you can directly open the ‘Advanced Find’



This is our contribution to the CRM navigation and I mean it’s a ‘Smart Navigation’


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