CRM 2011 Update Rollup 17 is available – with limited Support for Internet Explorer 11

The new Update Rollup 17 for CRM 2011 is available.

For downloading the Update Rollup click here:

For additional information about the Update Rollup 17, please refer this KB article:

Important: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 17 introduces compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 when it runs in Windows 8.1 or Windows 7. This includes the following supported configurations.

  • The web application when it runs in Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 8.1-based or Windows 7-based computer
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook (CRM 2011 client) when you run Office 2013 in Windows 8.1

Recommendation: Please wait for downloading and installing the latest Update Rollup for some days. In the past some Update Rollups had been re-released as Version 2. For Update Rollup 17 the original build number is 5.0.9690.4150.

Additional information:
Some information on compatibility list for CRM 2013, CRM 2011 and CRM 4.0 are updated too. Please refer it here: It contains the information for support with Internet Explorer 11.

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