Client Cacher for MS CRM 2011

ORBIS provides you a Client Caching Tool. You can download the tool on Codeplex. Check out the extract of the documentation. A detailed documentation can be found on Codeplex.

Documentation OrbCrmClientCacher

The purpose of this tool is to cache all or the top most aspx pages. Caching means that this tool tests the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client offline setting. If the client is offline OrbCrmCC ensures in a defined interval that the MS CRM Client host is up and that the aspx files are pre-compiled.

After startup the tool checks if the MS CRM Client is configured for offline usage. If this is the case it checks if the offline host is running and starts it if not. After that a timer tests in a defined interval if the host is still up and starts it if necessary. Now the client host is up and the tool starts pre-caching the aspx pages as defined. After initial caching is ready a timer is started which checks in a predefined interval if the host was down and if it was down caching is done again.


1. Unzip to a writable folder on your system

2. Ensure that MS CRM Client is installed and configured

3. Configure this tool to auto start on windows startup

a. By putting a link to this tool in the “Startup”-Folder in the Windows “Start Menu à Programs” folder

b. By putting it to one of the following startup keys in the registry:

      • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrenVersionRun”
      • “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun”

4. Set the local windows service “SQL Server (CRM)” (MSSQL$CRM) startup type to automatic.

5. Execute the mscrmkeys.reg file to activate registry values that prevents the client from deactivating the SQL database.


You can configure this tool by right-clicking it in the task bar and select settings. A graphical user interface shows you the most important settings for this tool. Configuration is on user basis and can be found in registry at ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareORBIS AGOrbClientCache’.

The following values can be set:

  • CachingTimer – Time in seconds to check if something has to be cached (default: 70)
  • HostCeckTimer – Time in seconds to check if the client host is running (default: 60)
  • InitialCacheWaitTime – Time in seconds to wait for client host startup (default: 0)
  • SmartCache – True if only the top predefined pages should be cached (default: true)
  • Threads – Number of threads which simultaneously send requests to the host. (default: 10)
  • Throttle – Time in milliseconds to wait between each request. (default: 25)
  • Trace – True if information should be traced into a log file (default: false)
  • TracePath – Path to the log file for tracing (default: %TMP%OrbClientCacher.log)

More configurations can be set in the predefined lists, which the tool stores in its own folder.


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