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Some coding guidelines for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

MS CRM coding guidelinesIn general: as you know, client development in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is web development, so everything you know about good web design (technical) matters treat JavaScript as a first class programming language, apply patterns of real life…
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IE8 vs IE9 JavaScript regular expressions changed a little bit their behaviour

Well, may be I am using regular expressions wrong in the browser, but I had a strange problem on a customersite today, that the JavaScriptcode ran into endless loops. Having analysed the problem it turned out, that the JavaScriptengine changed from IE8 to IE9.…
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Detection for ‘offline’ in CRM4 under IPV6 may cause problems

In our former CRM 4.0 times, we detected offlineusage of our components by checking the requesting IP address. This was the way described in the Sdk. So, our code had at some point something like if("".equals( { .... } Well, time moved on and…
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Be careful with CRM 4.0 and Internet Explorer 10

Caught a bad issue on a customersite yesterday: Automatic windows updates (which are in fact a good idea) installed an IE10 on a machine, which is a crm4 client. This caused many malfunctions on CRM 4. Obviously, there are some leaks in using IE 10. This article states…
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Rollup Package 13 ist erschienen

Microsoft hat das Rollup Package 13 veröffentlicht. Den Download findet Ihr hier. Und die Beschreibung hier. Es sind wieder einige Hotfixes im RP enthalten, die manuell freigeschaltet werden müssen.  …
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