An easy way to make mass data changes with the ORBIS Smart Grid


As an ISV we have created an infrastructure to implement editable grids the ‘ORBIS Power Grids’. This solution can be configured and adapted to customer needs only by development.

However, simple customer requirements are always implement only through development, which consumes time and money. To eliminate this weakness, we decided to build a generic extension of the ‘ORBIS Power Grids’.

The ‘ORBIS Smart Grid’ extension enables the user to click a button and after a short time he has the possibility to maintain his data.





The configuration is very simple and must be done within the solution. Open the solution and navigate to the ‘Configuration’ page.



The First step to configure the module is to define the entities in which the button should appears. You only have to click to the symbol at the entity section.



This opens a dialogs in which you enter the schema name of the entity. After this click OK.


If you want, the configuration is finished and you can now modify all fields of the entity ‘case’. In the most business cases is this not the requirement.

Rather only some fields should be editable in the grid. The configuration is made in this way. At first you must select an entity (anything except activities) like ‘case’ (schema name ‘incident’).

Than the field list can be extended by clicking the symbol into the ‘Editable Attributes’ section. You find all editable fields in the drop down list.


Remember: Please do not forget that any client-side business logic (jScript at the forms) is not executed only server-side business logic will be executed.





Deletion or definitions:


If you want the delete a definition (entity or field) open the drop down list and select the value and click at the trash icon.



Black list definition:


The last feature is to define a general black list with system fields that never can be editable. Therefore you can extend the ‘Non-Editable-Fields’ by clicking the symbol and choosing the filed.

Per default are some fields into the black list.



Don’t forget to save and publish the modifications:


You must save any configuration changes by clicking the disk icon and clicking OK into the dialog.

After saving the configuration you have to publish the solution.


Now you can use the ORBIS Smart Grid in any list and into the advanced find.


In our example I navigate to the ‘My Active Case’ list and opens the ‘ORBIS Smart Grid’ by clicking the button.


The edit grid is opening a separate window and you can edit the defined columns.

All editable columns are not greyed out. Out of the box are the features, save, save&close, delete, modify and search implemented.


And the grid looks like this one:










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